Jim Ross Reflects On Legendary WrestleMania Match Between Kane & The Undertaker

Kane and The Undertaker face-to-face, WrestleMania 14

By early 1997, The Undertaker had been abandoned by his guiding force Paul Bearer and he was out on his own.

However, with Bearer now by the side of Mankind, he attempted a reconciliation after WrestleMania 13, but The Deadman was having none of it. As the rivalry involving the trio continued, ‘Taker threw a fireball in Bearer’s face and that tipped the veteran over the edge.

Bearer then spent weeks and months teasing the unveiling of a deep dark secret. It was a secret that would rip the door off of Hell In A Cell, his long-lost brother, Kane.

Although Kane and Bearer continued to push ‘Taker he refused to fight his brother, before the mental torture became too much and the match was finally set for WrestleMania 14.

Speaking on his podcast, Grilling JR, Jim Ross reflected on this clash of the titans. The legendary announcer was full of praise for both men calling them “pretty much amazing.”

“The thing about builds is, when are they started? How long do they go? Do they move along in an understandable and an investment worthy pace? The only thing I would say about that build was it might have been better off a little bit longer. You people say ‘Oh God it seemed like it’s on TV every week’, well it wasn’t. Go back and look. But, I love those two guys together so intriguing the image that they projected two big human athletic human beings the story was strong.

The brother surviving the fire and all that stuff. It was out there for some people no doubt about it, but here’s the thing about it. You forgot about the out there show business wise after the bell rang. Those guys had really good chemistry and they did things the guys that are they’re close they’re inching into the seven foot range, 300 pound range just never did before. They they were pretty much amazing in my eyes.”

The Undertaker Being Brought In For WrestleMania 39 Weekend

While The Deadman has long since retired from the ring, he’s still very much involved with WWE. The legend was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022, and it has been reported that he will also be in attendance for WrestleMania weekend in 2023.

The report notes that Torrie Wilson, Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are among the other names being brought in.

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