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Jim Ross Recalls The Miz Not Being Respected As Champion In 2011

The Miz makes his entrance.

The Miz walked out of WrestleMania 27 as the WWE Champion, but his was far from the main story on the night. Even in regard to his own match.

The main event of the WWE spectacular saw The Miz retain his WWE title against John Cena. The ending of the match involved The Rock, who was the host of the event, interfering to attack Cena, leaving the way clear for Miz to win. The show went off the air with The Rock celebrating after hitting the People’s Elbow on the champion.

Speaking on the latest edition of his Grilling podcast, looking back at the event, Jim Ross explained how the match was used to set up a clash between The Rock and John Cena the following year.

This had led to suggestions that The Miz was never truly respected as the champion, and playing the ‘third wheel’ in his own title match. Responding to these comments Ross said that Miz wasn’t respected like a traditional champion during his time with the WWE Championship before explaining why his match still went on last at WrestleMania 27, despite having to follow The Undertaker and Triple H.

“I think even during Miz’s run, he was never truly respected like traditional champions were. And I don’t know if that was Vince’s apprehension or Vince is waiting for Miz to catch on type thing or to really get over; to connect with the audience or whatever it may be. But I’ll always say that your main title, which this was, should go on last – period. To protect that asset of your championship and the image it projects. And another thing is if you want to put the pressure on the young Miz, you make him follow Undertaker and Triple H; now you gotta your working boots on. I believe the title should go last – period. And that’s my take on it.”

One of the more memorable matches at WrestleMania 27 was the match between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. It’s a match that despite being somewhat memorable isn’t always remembered in the most favourable light. Reflecting on the match, Ross said that the match was too long, calling the finish “weaker than a plate full of p*ss.”

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