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Jim Ross Recalls Being Concerned For The Health Of The Big Show

Big Show delivers a chokeslam.

When the Big Show finally calls time on his Hall Of Fame career he will go down as one of the most iconic WWE Superstars of all time. From winning the WCW World Title on his debut against Hulk Hogan, to his glittering 22 year run in WWE, the Big Show has done it all in the world of professional wrestling.

Although it hasn’t all always been plain sailing for “The World’s Largest Athlete.” During the early part of his WWE career the man formerly known as The Giant struggled with his conditioning and spent time off television to improve his fitness.

On a recent episode of his podcast Grilling JR looking back at the 2001 Royal Rumble, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed that during that time he was concerned for Big Show’s health.

“I thought his weight and his obesity would shorten his life,” Ross said. “I’m thinking that he’s a step or two away from being non-licensable. All of the states were still adhering to the licenses, athletic commissions. He’s such a sweetheart of a guy, god damn it’s like you’re going to pull a William Perry on my ass, you’re going to eat yourself out of a job. I was concerned, I don’t think he took it seriously. The only way you can get talent to take you seriously is to affect their money. That’s it.”

Ross went on to praise the former world champion for his weight loss in recent years, revealing that his problems 20 years ago may have stemmed from being too easily influenced.

“Now look at him today, he looks great. He doesn’t look to be unhealthy, he’s probably lost 100 pounds. He looks excellent. He could always do it, but I think he got influenced. He listened to the last guy that talked to him sometimes and some of the guys that talked to him, it was all about size, getting bigger. [They’d say] look at Andre, by the way, Andre died at 46.”

The Big Show and Andre The Giant have been inextricably linked throughout Show’s career, despite Andre passing away before he even made his debut. From being briefly billed as Andre’s son, to them both spending their career’s being the biggest man in a world built on big men, the pair are seemingly destined to be linked forever more.

The similarities also continue outside of the ring, as like Andre, the Big Show has forged a career as an actor in recent years. ‘The Big Show’ TV series premiered on Netflix in December 2020, while he also received a nomination for best supporting actor for his role in the movie Marcus.