Jim Ross Reveals Outrage From Fans Over Jon Moxley-Steve Austin Comparisons

Jon Moxley makes his entrance as AEW World Champion on AEW Dynamite 2022

Given their similar personalities and fighting styles, Jon Moxley and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin have long been compared to each other. Jim Ross, current AEW commentator and senior adviser, is among those who’ve made the comparison, the exception being that the WWE Hall of Famer made the claims while live on air.

Some fans weren’t pleased with ‘JR’ comparing the duo, voicing their frustrations on social media. Discussing the matter on a recent Grilling JR podcast, Ross noted how much flak he received for the call, despite not being the first to have actually compared them to each other:

”I did another one, later on, just following the show, and it was during a Jon Moxley offensive frenzy; strikes, strikes, strikes, assault. All I said was, ‘Jon Moxley is Austin-esque.’ I should have probably said, ‘at this moment’ or ‘tonight’ or ‘during this offensive onslaught’ or something like that. I caught so much sh*t from fans. They want to make sure you see it, so they tag you and think you might react to them. It’s funny.”

Jim Ross Explains If Jon Moxley Will Ever Overtake Steve Austin

Elaborating, Jim Ross explained if he believes Jon Moxley will ever be considered a greater performer than ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, noting that he’s not sure anyone will ever beat a prime ‘Texas Rattlesnake’:

“His game does remind me of Austin’s at times. Am I saying that he’s going to be better or greater than Austin? I don’t know that anybody will ever be as great as Stone Cold when he was at his peak. He’s still my favourite guy.”

Jon Moxley is currently in the midst of his third reign as AEW World Champion, having successfully defended against Penta El Zero Miedo on the October 26 AEW Dynamite. He’ll next defend the title against MJF at Full Gear on Saturday, November 19.

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