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Jim Ross On Why Terry Funk Never Challenged Hulk Hogan On TV

Terry Funk Hulk Hogan

Jim Ross has discussed why WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would never have booked former NWA World Champion Terry Funk in a main event program with Hulk Hogan.

Terry Funk was synonymous with Championship Wrestling From Florida throughout the seventies and eighties. In 1975 he captured his only NWA World Title from Jack Brisco. During this time Funk competed regularly for All Japan Wrestling where he teamed with brother Dory.

Terry joined the World Wrestling Federation for a brief spell in 1985. The highlight of this run came at WrestleMania 2 when Funk teamed with Dory [known as Hoss Funk] to defeat Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana. Terry Funk did face Hulk Hogan in a series of house show matches for the WWF Championship but never got the opportunity to face The Hulkster one-on-one on WWF television.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, long-time voice of wrestling Jim Ross explained why he thought that was the case.

Ross stated:

“Terry could’ve been a great opponent for Hogan because Terry would’ve known how to work with Hogan to embellish Hogan’s skills. McMahon was very cautious to not book Hogan with average-sized guys. He wanted him to sell for a guy that was bigger than him.”

“It’s the same concept I used when I hired Mick Foley to use for the Undertaker. You’re looking for an opponent and Foley was 6’4″, 300 pounds and I think that’s the same theory that we’re talking about in this topic. Vince was going to make sure, and I don’t blame him for this, that Hogan was booked with the right guy that can create the right visual and right dynamic so that when the Hulkster sold, it had more believability. I think there’s a lot to say for that, protecting your golden goose that’s now spitting out these golden eggs in the form of tickets sold.”

Jim Ross also discussed Terry and Dory Funk’s induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2009 and what about their induction he believed to be “bullsh*t.”

Credit: Grilling JR

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription