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Jim Ross On Whether AEW Has Too Many Former WWE Stars

Good ol’ JR has had his say on whether All Elite Wrestling has been hiring too many ex-WWE stars.

In recent months, the likes of Malakai Black, Andrade, Mark Henry and more have made the move to AEW, prompting some to speculate on whether the group’s recruitment policy has lost its way.

One man that knows a thing or two about recruitment is current AEW commentator Jim Ross, who spent years as Head of Talent Relations under Vince McMahon.

On a recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast, the famed announcer had his say:

It’s a weak argument. ‘They’re WWE lite.’ I don’t agree with that, and I’m not knocking WWE. I had 26 great years there and I’m not anti-WWE. I don’t feel like we’re in a wrestling war. The war is AEW against its self – getting our young guys to continue to evolve and get better. I think we’re seeing that. Some of your homegrown kids are starting to find their way. There’s a big difference in working in PWG or an indie show and working a match on a national television show. It’s a different mindset and a different ballgame…..I just believe we’ve got some talent and I love watching the evolution of it.

With more former WWE stars due to hit the free agency market, it will be interesting to see if AEW does indeed up their quota of former WWE talent.

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