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Jim Ross Discusses Details Of Brodie Lee Passing

Brodie Lee.

Jim Ross paid tribute to Brodie Lee this week, discussing ‘The Exalted One’ and details surrounding his tragic passing.

Ross, along with host Conrad Thompson, spoke on the latest episode of ‘Grillin’ JR’. Before sharing details on the passing of Brodie Lee, Jim Ross spoke of the outpouring of love and admiration for Lee from all of the professional wrestling world:

“I’ll admit it, it doesn’t bother me to admit this, I didn’t have any idea that Brodie Lee was as popular with his peers as he was. It’s absolutely phenomenal. It’s overwhelming, the outpouring of support and love for this guy who kind of stayed off the radar all those years. Then to find out he was universally loved by talent at every level.”

Ross would also mention Brodie Lee Jr, who was recently signed to AEW. Ross revealed that he has agreed to call Brodie Lee Jr’s first championship match when he is of age.

Discussing Lee and the health issues he faced that ultimately lead to his passing, JR would reveal that not a lot is known about Lee’s illness, but that his lungs had become critically damaged:

“All I know is he had double lung failure. And his lungs were so bad, that he couldn’t qualify for a transplant. So I heard the story, whether it’s totally accurate or not, I don’t know, that they took him off his machines to see if he could kick out himself, because that was about the only chance he had. And it just obviously didn’t work. So, a sad sad time for all of us.”

Brodie Lee was last seen on AEW television on the October 7th episode of Dynamite, where he would lose the AEW TNT Championship to Cody Rhodes. His last official appearance with the company was the AEW Uncensored Podcast, which premiered 26 October.

Recently speaking on ‘What Happened When’, Tony Schiavone revealed that Brodie Lee fell ill the day after recording the episode:

“Unfortunately, the AEW Uncensored podcast that we do, the one we did with Brodie, we did it the day before he got sick. Then we heard he had been airlifted to the Mayo Clinic and Amanda, his wife, came and met with the entire group and told us how bad a shape he was in and please don’t say anything to anybody.”

Following his untimely passing, countless performers from AEW, WWE and beyond would pay tribute to Brodie Lee. AEW would also retire the current TNT Championship design in his honour, and christen his son ‘TNT Champion For Life.’