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Jim Ross On WCW’s Booking – “Creative Was Rushed”

Jim Ross WCW

Jim Ross has discussed the booking in World Championship Wrestling in the early nineties and how he feels it was rushed.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, he and co-host Conrad Thompson were discussing WCW’s WrestleWar 1991 pay-per-view. Jim Ross had been the lead announcer for WCW, including at WrestleWar 1991 until he left the company in 1993. During the conversation, the pair discussed the tag-team Doom and how their breakup happened suddenly. Ross gave a current example of how booking in wrestling can pay off if it has a clear, focussed direction.

JR explained:

“There’s so many constants when we talk about these WCW shows…We can see history repeating itself sometimes, people getting in a hurry. I’ll give you an example, Roman Reigns is being booked correctly because Pual Heyman is directing that ship. [He’s] making sure they don’t get ahead of themselves. Heyman’s got the track record and the knowledge, and the communication skills to see that that happens. So there’s a filter there, so to speak, between Roman Reigns and Vince [McMahon] and that’s Paul. As time goes on Reigns will take more of that leadership role…I think that’s where we are here with the WCW stuff. Everything that we talked about here today seemed to have one common denominator: creative was rushed.”

Jim Ross would go on to note that he didn’t feel the rushed storytelling was solely down to WCW’s booker Dusty Rhodes. He would explain that there could be conflict when WCW’s owners – Turner Broadcasting System – would get involved:

Jim Ross continues:

“I don’t blame that all on Dusty because [Jim] Herd [WCW executive] would come in there – ‘the brass want this changed, we gotta get the ratings up,’ all these things. So they believed, ‘they’ being the upper management at TBS. Change in pro wrestling is easy to implement and that’s what we gotta do to fix these issues. It wasn’t what we needed to do to fix these issues. We needed to saddle up a couple of horses that we really believed in and ride them and get ’em over, and that was not the case here. So I think premature booking was a big issue there for us.”

As ever, Good Ol’ JR discussed many incidents on his weekly podcast, including his take on what happened when Vader’s eye infamously popped out during a match.

Credit: Grilling JR