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Jim Ross On WCW Cancelling A Show Because The Ring Never Arrived

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has recalled the time World Championship Wrestling had to cancel a show simply because whoever was bringing the ring to the arena forgot there was a show.

Ross was explaining the situation to co-host Conrad Thompson on his Grilling JR podcast. Thompson said that the ‘B’ team of WCW guys were due to run a show in Rockhill, South Carolina on a Sunday. However, despite tickets being sold, and wrestlers turning up, the show couldn’t happen without a ring.

Ross gave his thoughts on the dire situation:

“It was embarrassing as hell. But that again shows the lack of organisation and communication. It’s funny how we come back to that quite often when talking about WCW. Communication there was not good. Obviously, it’s embarrassing. So yeah, I can remember that happening and I couldn’t even believe it, ‘aw bullsh*t, come on’. No, there’s no ring and no show. I don’t know how many people were in Rockhill that night but everybody had to go home. It’s disappointing, it hurts the town. It hurts the brand. It affected all of us that worked there however many that worked there, they just didn’t give a sh*t if it didn’t affect their area directly. If I was booking that I’d be embarrassed as hell, it’s just terrible.”

“You abuse your talent, I wonder if they even got paid that night. They should have got their paycheques, how anything else could even be considered would be ludicrous in my view. But we did a lot of ludicrous things there at that point in time that added to the frustration of many of us who worked very hard, who made commitments, who moved, changed the location of our home. […] It was disheartening, these basic things couldn’t get repaired. The f*cking ring didn’t make it to the town. Really? How did that happen? Then you go back, who’s in charge of that? And you find the missing pieces of your organisational chart. […] I remember that very vividly and I don’t think it ever happened again but once is too much obviously.”

Jim Ross has also recently given his thoughts on dealing with an unhappy Eddie Guerrero during his time in charge of talent relations in WWE.

Credit: Grilling JR

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