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Jim Ross Reveals The One Thing A Good Heel Needs To Do

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has explained the one thing that he believes heels need to do in professional wrestling to be effective in their role.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, current AEW announcer Ross got into a discussion about heels, or villains, in wrestling. Ross believes more than anything else there is one thing that heels need to do to be as effective at their job in the ring as possible.

Ross explains:

“Any heel, if you’re a wrestler out there listening. The one thing if you’re gonna be a villain; a heel in wrestling that you gotta be able to do is feed a comeback.”

“That means when it’s the other guy’s time to shine; he’s bringing the offense, you’ve gotta be able to take enough bumps to facilitate a great comeback. Feed the comeback. When you get a heel that’s four/five hundred pounds or 350 pounds, whatever it is. They can feed, but they don’t feed often. They don’t feed much.”

As part of a discussion about the career of WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons. Jim Ross used an example of a match that Simmons had with super-heavyweight Yokozuna to illustrate his point:

“Mentioning the match Ron had with Yokozuna – Rodney, his real name. Rodney was an amazing heel but Rodney’s weight didn’t allow him to feed with multiple moves. Two or three things and he’s done. Then you gotta let him regenerate some energy then the same thing. And that sometimes doesn’t work great for the continuity of the match so you had to work especially around those deficits.”

In a wide-ranging discussion about Simmons’ career, JR also discussed the Nation of Domination group that Simmons led in the late nineties. He explained how that group was created to make new stars.

Credit: Grilling JR