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Jim Ross On Ron Simmons: “His Legacy Is Respect”

Ron Simmons

Jim Ross has opened up on what he considers Ron Simmons’ legacy to be and why he’d encapsulate it with one word – respect.

Speaking on the latest Grilling JR, he spoke about how Simmons was a ” great locker room leader”. When asked “what do you think he’ll be best remembered for?” by Conrad Thompson, Ross responded first by talking about Simmons in-ring ability:

“Oh golly, a longer career than a lot of people realised. Overcoming a lot of racial issues, that at least provided him the opportunity to work main events and earn more money. He was a great locker room leader – I loved his leadership. I loved him as a stand-up guy. He had a lot of character, a lot of integrity. And I love that. Was he the slickest worker that I ever saw? No, of course not. Was he on Flair’s level? Hello. But he was a better worker than people probably give him credit for.”

Good Ol’ JR, also went on to discuss the APA and Nation Of Domination member behind-the-scenes and how respected he was by his peers:

“I would say the one word that comes to my mind when I think about Ron Simmons and his legacy is respect. His peers in a business that is wrought with insufferable, paranoid, ‘what about me’ b******t; that aspect was unaffected. He was a man’s man, who had earned respect as a professional wrestler. I don’t know if anybody in the locker rooms, any locker room that he was in, that wouldn’t agree that Ron Simmons was a very respected athlete and a man’s man. The bottom line: respect.”

Ron Simmons is most well known for his ‘DAMN’ catchphrase alongside his storied wrestling career. During his time in WWE, he was a three-time World Tag Team Champion with JBL whilst in WCW, he was a two-time tag team champion as well as holding the WCW World Heavyweight Championship once.

His time teaming with JBL as the APA is set to be featured as a documentary on WWE Network.

Credit for the interview: Grilling JR

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