Jim Ross On People Being “P*ssed & Jealous” Of HHH Due To His Wife

WWE Triple H Stephanie McMahon

Jim Ross has hit out at the criticism he believes WWE EVP Triple H receives just because he married Stephanie McMahon, saying jealousy plays a huge role.

Triple H’s rise to the top of WWE in the early 2000s was the subject of some controversy given his romantic involvement with the boss’s daughter Stephanie McMahon. Many critics equated Triple H’s rise to the main event scene and eventual crowning as WWE Champion as down to his personal relationship.

For Jim Ross who was in charge of the talent relations in WWE at the time, nothing could be further from the truth. Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast [first available early and ad-free at] Ross explained that he doesn’t feel The Game is given enough credit for his talents.

JR explained:

“People get p*ssed at Triple H because they’re jealous and because of who he married. Maybe they believe that he would not have been such a success if he had not married the boss’s daughter. I totally disagree with that. You can’t tell me the wedding vows made him a great worker, he made himself a great worker but he’s not given enough credit for it because of the jealousy thing and the anti-McMahon backlash at times. He’s never given credit sometimes for his hard work and his dedication to the business.”

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon run roughshod over the company on-screen when Stephanie turned her back on her father to join with Triple H in late 1999. The McMahon-Helmsley Era soon dawned on WWE with the couple sitting atop a reunited D-Generation X with both holding the WWE Championship and WWE Women’s Title.

In reality, McMahon and the real-life Paul Levesque married in October 2003 and have gone on to have three daughters together. Many believe the pair to be the heir apparents to the WWE Universe once Vince McMahon finally steps aside from the company.

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h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription