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Jim Ross On Paul Wight In AEW – “When You Recruit A Kid, You Recruit Him For Life”

Jim Ross Rookie For Life

Speaking with Inside the Ropes’ Writer Liam Alexander Stewart, during a recent Ad-Free Shows QnA, legendary commentator Jim Ross discussed his role in helping Paul Wight transition from in-ring performer to AEW commentator, stating “When you recruit a kid, you recruit him for life”.

Before Double or Nothing, Jim Ross spoke with Inside the Ropes about his relationship with Paul Wight and if he has offered Wight any advice or backstage since his jump from the WWE to AEW in March 2021.

Responding to the question from Liam Alexander-Stewart, Ross would state:

“Yeah, we communicate about that job. It’s a new job for him. You know, I recruited him his big ass in the beginning. You know he is one of my guys and my great friend, at the University of Oklahoma, Barry Switzer, Hall of Fame coach, said that when you recruit a kid, you’re recruiting him for life and I kind of had that feeling.”

The legendary voice of the WWE would continue, discussing his relationship with Wight and revealing that the former Big Show has zero interest in being spoon-fed during his transition into the new role.

“I kind of I look after him as best I can he is a big, proud son of a bitch. He didn’t want to be spoon-fed, but I offer suggestions or philosophies or something from time to time, but I never tell him what to say. You see he’s still got to be himself.”

Jim Ross would provide a performance review update of Wight, stating that he believes Wight is doing just fine so far since taking over as the voice of AEW: Dark Elevation.

“I think he’s doing just fine. It’s progressing. In our TV picture is changing. So he may get some great options coming up soon!”

Finally, the legendary JR would end by giving his view on if the former World Heavyweight Champion will ever step inside an AEW ring.

“I also will tell you that. If I said, well, he’s never going to wrestle again. It’d be stupid! We’re glad we have him, and thus far he’s been a pleasure to work with. Quite frankly.”

Paul Wight was announced as AEW’s latest acquisition back in March earlier this year, since then fellow former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry has signed for the rising promotion debuting at the 2021 Double or Nothing PPV event.

As well as appearing every week on AEW Dynamite, Jim Ross is also the voice and focus of Ad-Free Show’s Grilling JR Podcast. During a recent episode of the show, Ross discussed WWE’s recent departure with Adnan Virk stating that he was put on TV before he was ready.

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