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Jim Ross On Mexicools Gimmick – “It’s Just Distasteful”


Jim Ross has been discussing his take on the controversial ‘Mexicools’ gimmick portrayed by Juventud, Psicosis, and Super Crazy in WWE.

The current AEW announcer was discussing the No Way Out 2006 pay-per-view on his podcast, Grilling JR.Psicosis and Super Crazy were part of a Cruiserweight Championship match at the event which was one by Gregory Helms.

Riding to the ring on lawnmowers and dressed in overalls, the Mexicools gimmick was contentious for playing into US stereotypes of Mexicans.In conversation with co-host Conrad Thompson, Ross gives his views on the gimmick:

“Well, it’s just distasteful, you wouldn’t do that today. We shouldn’t have done it then.It was distasteful…You get a very highly skilled group of guys in the ring. But they can’t communicate as well as you’d want with the majority of your audience. In other words, I’m saying they don’t speak adequate English to verbally convey their messages.

Ross continued:

“Look, I didn’t dislike the Mexicools…they’re lawn people. It’s so caustic in my view because people are gonna look at the glass half full in a situation like that. It was cheap heat at best, cheap heat at best.”

Making their debut in June 2005, the trio of luchadors teamed until Juventud’s release from WWE in January of 2006.Juventud was the most successful member of the group, winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship twice during his tenure in the company.Psicosis was released in November of 2006 and Super Crazy competed in WWE until 2008.

The trio still teams up on the independent circuit, most recently in February 2020 for BCW in Adelaide, Australia.

As always, Jim Ross discussed a lot on the latest episode of his podcast. Including giving details on why The Rock v Stone Cold Steve Austin did not main event WrestleMania XIX.

Credit: Grilling JR