Jim Ross On Katie Vick – “That Wasn’t Even Entertaining”

Jim Ross on Katie Vick

Jim Ross has criticised WWE’s infamous 2002 Katie Vick storyline in which Triple H would dress as ‘The Big Red Machine’ and simulate sexual acts on a dummy posing as Kane’s deceased childhood friend Katie Vick.

Speaking on Episode 108 of his Grilling JR podcast, the AEW commentator would discuss the May 21st, 2001 episode of Monday Night RAW and following a question from Ad-Free Shows Co-Host Conrad Thompson would comment on the sexualisation of RAW during his time in the WWE.

Following a segment of the show which saw Terri Runnels pouring beer over her breasts, Conrad Thompson would ask:

“Do you think, as a man okay that is pretty cool, but as an advocate for our brand is this really what we should be doing? Did you second guess any of the over the top sexuality and content of the show at any point?”

Jim Ross would respond stating that although he did not question the sexual content of the shows there was a particular moment that stood out to him that he did not agree with at all.

“Not really, I didn’t like, that cadaver deal though, Katie Vick”

The 69-year-old would continue on, explaining why he disagreed with the Katie Vick storyline:

“That wasn’t even entertaining, it wasn’t funny, it served no purpose really.”

Ross would continue, defending Triple H’s involvement in the storyline and stating that he is almost certain that had Triple H had the choice he would not have been involved in the storyline.

“I’m sure if Triple H had the choice to not be involved in it, he would have chosen to no be involved in it”

Finally, Jim Ross would conclude his discussion of the Katie Vick storyline by explaining why, during his time in the WWE, he did not take issue with the use of sexual content.

“Considering that our primary demographic, that the advertisers use to buy advertising on the Network or inside our show are men, 18-34 or 34-49. So I would say that a lot of men are interested in Terri Runnels’ hard nipples, so it didn’t bother me.”

Jim Ross would recently also discuss Vince McMahon’s initial reaction to seeing Brock Lesnar for the first time.

During an Interview with TalkSport’s Alex McCarthy, Jim Ross would state:

“So when Vince laid eyes on him he knew that we had the guy. If he had any aptitude whatsoever – we knew athletically he was going to be great, he’d already proven himself as an athlete – but if he could get the showbiz side of it and have the aptitude to be a pro wrestler, he was going to be our guy for a while. And that worked out.”

You can listen to Episode 108 of Grilling JR in full here and you can watch Alex McCarthy’s interview with Jim Ross over on the Inside The Ropes YouTube Channel.

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