Jim Ross On John Laurinaitis’ Return To WWE Talent Relations Role

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Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Grilling JR, Jim Ross has commented on the news that John Laurinaitis has reprised his role as head of the WWE’s talent relations department.

Jim Ross, who previously worked as WWE’s Head of Talent Relations during his tenure with the company, expressed his surprise at the news. Ross had held the position until he was replaced by Laurinaitis in 2004, who in turn held the position until 2012, when he was replaced by Paul Levesque. [Triple H]

During the ‘Ask JR Anything’ episode, available via Ad Free Shows, Ross said that while he was happy for Laurinaitis, he was unsure what authority he would actually hold in the new role.

“Good for him, everybody deserves the right to feed their family. I was a little surprised to be honest, but he had been working there, I don’t think he ever got off of the payroll. I know he was doing some agent work/producer work. I was surprised that he came back in that role, I don’t understand what their exact management chart looks like. I think I read that Laurinsitis reports to Brad Blum, and Brad came in as Vince’s assistant, kind of like an executive secretary type thing. Brad’s a former military guy, so Vince likes his structure. But I don’t know how all that hierarchy works, I don’t know if Laurinaitis has the autonomy to hire talent, or fire talent, more likely not. But I don’t know that. I did talent relations differently to Laurinaitis because I was a different person, and I did it at a different time. I got replaced in 2004, 17 years ago. I’m kind of over it. I hope he does well, it’s going to be interesting to see how, it’s just more bureaucracy to me. I don’t know much sludge there is at the top of that, getting decisions made and that nature.”

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to reflect on his past with Laurinaitis, adding that he doesn’t wish Johnny Ace any ill will.

“I think it also says something to the fact that there’s not a lot of people out there with the overall management and experience and product knowledge for those type roles. There’s where guys need to start paying attention. I don’t wish any ill will on Laurinaitis whatsoever. I thought he did some things that were not exactly reputable, but if I were in his position, I’m not going to tell you Conrad that I would not have done the same thing. I want to watch out for mine, whatever that takes.”

It was originally reported that John Laurinaitis had returned to WWE on March 10th, but there has yet been no official word from the company itself.

Laurinaitis’s new title will reportedly be General Manager, Talent, and he is slated to be start in that role immediately.

Johnny Ace last appeared on WWE television during WWE Money In The Bank 2020, making a cameo during the show which was filmed at WWE Headquarters.

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