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Jim Ross Reveals Why The Nation Of Domination Was Formed

Nation Of Domination

Jim Ross has shared his thoughts on the Nation of Domination and how it and other factions in wrestling are used to create stars.

In wrestling history, there have been factions that have successfully spun out singles stars.D-Generation X with Triple H, Evolution with Randy Orton and Batista.The Nation of Domination was no different.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross discussed the career of Ron Simmons.Known primarily as Faarooq in WWE, he would lead a group known as the Nation of Domination in the late nineties.Ross, alongside co-host Conrad Thompson, discussed why the group was formed and why he thinks it was a success.

Ross explained:

“The same reason you do most factions. You hope that if you’re lucky that one or more members of said faction will spin out.You know, I use the Jennifer Aniston illustration; she was on an ensemble cast on Friends and she was the only one that really hit gold after Friends.She spun out of her ensemble cast and became a single star in essence.I think that’s what you’re always looking for with these factions, at least that’s my experience.”

“The guys that we had, that we put in the Nation of Domination were all good soldiers.Deserving of an opportunity to better their income and their lot in life in the profession they chose.”

Ross clarified that despite these chances for the talent involved there was an aspect of the group that he didn’t like:

“The Nation of Domination was all about race.I didn’t like that aspect of it.But I did like the fact that some deserving dudes were getting an opportunity to become stars and that theory worked.”

One particular member of the group stands out to Jim Ross as having done very well for themselves:

“This one kid that’s done pretty good since then named Dwayne Johnson; The Rock was in the Nation of Domination.”

Of the most well-known iteration of the Nation of Domination, Ron Simmons, Mark Henry, and The Godfather are all in the WWE Hall of Fame.D-Lo Brown was recently unveiled as a new commentator on IMPACT Wrestling and The Rock is now the highest-paid movie star in the world.

Credit: Grilling JR