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Jim Ross On How Chyna Got “A Lot Of Breaks” In WWE


Jim Ross has discussed Chyna in the WWE and explains why he thinks the Ninth Wonder Of The World got “a lot of breaks” in the company.

Chyna debuted in the then-World Wrestling Federation in early 1997 where she choked Marlena who was at ringside when Goldust faced Triple H. She then acted as Triple H’s and D-Generation X’s enforcer before starting to compete in matches herself.

Jim Ross discussed Chyna’s career in the company on his Grilling JR podcast [first available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com] and her feud with Chris Jericho. Ross added that he believed some of the breaks Chyna got in the company were down to her relationship with Triple H and his influence with the WWE Chairman:

“He had to back off a little bit [Chris Jericho while working with Chyna]. He couldn’t do everything he wanted to do. He sure couldn’t work as snug as he normally worked. That was one of his calling cards. And I think the audience loved that – they attached to that. I’m just not a big fan of those intergender matches. But because of Triple H’s influence and his relationship with Chyna and his relationship with Vince [McMahon], she got a lot of breaks, without a doubt.”

Jim Ross then recalled having fun at Stone Cold Steve Austin’s expense by telling the WWE icon that he was going to be involved in a programme with Chyna:

“I remember Austin and I were talking, and I’m just screwing with him, ‘I think they’re gonna do a big program with you and Chyna.’ That son of a b*tch went off on me! I made it up, I was just screwing with him.”

Jim Ross also recalled how Triple H asked Vince McMahon to meet with Chris Jericho among accusations of Jericho being “unsafe” in the ring.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription