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Jim Ross On Dusty Rhodes Having A ‘Gun To His Head’ As WCW Booker

Dusty Rhodes

Jim Ross has discussed ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes being put in impossible positions by WCW executives during his time as the company’s booker in the early nineties.

Rhodes returned to WCW in 1991 from the World Wrestling Federation to join the booking committee. He made his first appearance back in the company only 11 days after his last showing for the WWF at the 1991 Royal Rumble.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, then WCW announcer Jim Ross has discussed the difficulties Rhodes faced as the booker of the company.

Ross explained:

“Dusty had a gun to his head by upper management. We need new. New stars, new gimmicks, new acts blah blah, whatever term you use. It put Dusty in a very tough spot to create new. You can’t create new overnight. Occasionally it works, something will happen like the Austin 3:16 thing – that wasn’t planned, it wasn’t booked that way. It just happened and luckily all of us were smart enough to roll with Austin. The main guy that was important to was Steve, he got it, he lived it, he became him. And what he became was pretty incredible.”

The two men had been discussing the inaugural SuperBrawl event in May 1991. On that event Brian Pillman met Barry Windham in a ‘Taped Fists’ match, for JR it was another example of wasteful booking:

“So this was a situation where Barry Windham and Brian Pillman could have had that same match without wasting a gimmick. They didn’t need to have taped fists. For f*cking what?”

Jim Ross also discussed WCW having to cancel a show on a Sunday in South Carolina due to somebody forgetting to bring a wrestling ring.

Credit: Grilling JR

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