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Jim Ross On AEW Getting Back On The Road: “I’m Expecting AEW To Stay In Jacksonville.”

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COVID-19 has effected professional wrestling as a whole in 2020 and forced the industry to change how it operates. Now, AEW and professional wrestling legend Jim Ross has spoken out about the pandemic’s effect on the industry and AEW’s plans for the future.

Since March, some companies have been forced to halt staging shows completley, while the bigger names such as WWE and AEW moved to one remote location in order to continue their weekly shows and monthly pay-per-view events.

WWE had broadcast Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and their monthly supercards including WrestleMania from their Perfromance Centre before moving into the WWE ThunderDome inside the Amway Centre in Orlando, Florida.

AEW, however, have been grounded at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, since March where every weekly Dynamite and pay-per-view has eminated from.

On the recent edition of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross, spoke out about AEW potentially moving from Jacksonville and getting back on the road. Though he admitted that there was no timetable for a move, the Oklahoma native had this to say:

“There’s no telling when we’re going to go back on the road. I’m expecting AEW to stay in Jacksonville. I don’t even want to say we might get back [to having fans] the 1st of [January]. You can say that if you want to, but it’s an empty promise. We don’t know.”

With no signs of AEW going anywhere in the short-term, Jim continued to talk about the company and how well it’s done in balancing things such as the in-ring action and the storylines which run concurrently alongside:

“What we’re doing in AEW is trying to balance that. Where you still have a backstory, still have reasons for the matches, but we want to make sure we have match time. If you look at our match time on our television shows, you’ll see that we have significant match time.”

Ross then went on to mention AEW’s success and how they had been competative with the NBA in the ratings on TNT:

“I’m glad AEW got a 3 year deal. We’re doing numbers on TNT that are very competative, if not exceeding, the NBA. I think we’re in good company there. I think we’re on the best network for us. They’re very proud of our productivity so far. Our job is to get better every week and try and build our audience.

You can listen to the entire podcast in link above, including what Jim had to say on the Parking Lot Brawl between Proud and Powerful and The Best Friends.

Credit to Grilling JR Podcast and for the transcription.