Jim Ross Names The WWE Match He Wishes He Could Have Called

Jim Ross

Jim Ross is considered one of the best commentators in wrestling history. Part of this praise has come from the passion and emotion with which he called matches. He behaved like a fan brought that into his professional commentary.

As the years went by, JR started working less and less due to a combination of age, health concerns, and the company wanting to push other commentators.

But there was a time when Jim Ross missed some big matches due to one reason or another, which in turn led to him having some regrets. In fact, there’s one match in particular that he wishes he could’ve seen in person and called with all of his passion.

Jim Ross wishes he could’ve watched Mick Foley win the WWE Championship

On an episode of his Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross said he wanted to be there on January 4th, 1999, when Mick Foley won the WWF/E Championship.

“Real easy, Foley’s championship when I was out with Bell’s Palsy. And Michael Cole handled that assignment, did well. So I’d say Foley, because the journey I’ve been on with Foley and the effort that it took to get him hired, first of all, would have been, always comes to my mind.

I sat home, watched it, was happy, tears in my eyes for Mick because he finally made it to the top of that mountain that he had been climbing for so long. So I would say Foley winning the title would be the match that if I could go back in time to lay my voice on would have been probably the one.”

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