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Jim Ross Names The Star Vince McMahon Worked Hardest To Get Over

Vince McMahon

Jim Ross has named the one WWE Superstar he believes that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon worked the hardest to get over out of all his years working at the company.

Ross was discussing the career of former two-time WCW World Champion Lex Luger on his Grilling JR podcast alongside co-host Conrad Thompson. Luger came to the World Wrestling Federation in 1993 as ‘The Narcissist’ Lex Luger before becoming the company’s new All-American hero after the departure of Hulk Hogan.

The current voice of AEW began by giving his thoughts on Luger’s character when he joined the company:

“I thought we could have done better, I didn’t hate it but I thought we could have done better. I had to get my dictionary and see what the hell narcissist even meant. I really did, I didn’t know. And the irony of that is working in wrestling all those years – I was nineteen years in the business before I got to WWE so I wasn’t exactly an overnight sensation. But I didn’t know what a narcissist was even though I’d worked with plenty of them and didn’t even know it. I thought we could have done better on that deal. It did get Lex some attention, I guess that’s the object, get attention when you debut. You know, Vince [McMahon] is gonna take care of him real well on his win/loss record. I said this before, I can’t recall somebody that Vince tried harder to get over than Lex Luger.”

Jim Ross then went on to detail some of the promotional tactics McMahon used to try and make Lex Luger a huge star for his company. This included the Lex Express bus that took Luger around the US to meet his adoring public. Unfortunately for all concerned Lex Luger never attained that status as the number one superstar in the WWF, but according to Ross, it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

JR continued:

“The promotional manifestations, the Lex Express, the [USS] Intrepid, Yokozuna, all those things were major elements in trying to establish Lex as something very, very special. Vince really worked his ass off to accomplish those things. I don’t think we can blame Vince for Lex not getting over to the level perceived for him to become because Vince did everything he could do. Somewhere along the way, you have to connect with your audience and there’s no timeline for that. Some guys connect right away and some guys connect years later so I think that’s where I stood on that deal. I think we could have done a better job introducing him but I know the effort was there and that was just the first phase of ‘The Narcissist.’ He got promoted well, I can tell you that, he got promoted well and expensively.”

Jim Ross also discussed Lex Luger in relation to the WWE Hall Of Fame. Despite a controversial spell in his post-wrestling life, JR believes we will see Luger inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame someday.

Credit: Grilling JR

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