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Jim Ross Admits Jake Roberts Is Not In Great Health

Jake Roberts

Jim Ross has revealed that Jake Roberts is currently dealing with some health issues, adding that he’s “not in great health.”

It is no secret that Jake Roberts has previously suffered a number of health issues as well as battling drug and alcohol addiction. While the star also contracted COVID-19 back in December.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast in February, Roberts opened up about having to use an oxygen tank to help with breathing difficulties, something he said was passed down from his mother. The situation hasn’t been aided by a lifetime spent smoking cigarettes.

During an episode of his Grilling JR podcast, available via AdFreeShows, fellow wrestling veteran, Jim Ross provided an update on Roberts’ health. The AEW announcer explained that the WWE Hall of Famer isn’t in great health and that’s keeping him off television more often in recent months.

“I just saw him a few days or weeks ago and he’s still battling his breathing issues,” Jim Ross said. “He’s not in great health and that’s why you don’t see him as often on AEW television as he once was. His health is not good and he’s taking means to address it, he’s still got surgeries left. He’s got breathing issues, so we will pray for Jake and hope he gets better, get back up to speed rocking and rolling.”

Speaking on his podcast, Jake Roberts recently recalled his battles with addiction, describing himself as “totally out of control.” The former WWE star explained that returning to the road during the mid-to late 1990’s with WWE was something he wasn’t prepared for. This led him on a downward spiral which kickstarted his cocaine use, something that plagued him for a number of years.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.