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Jim Ross – “I Wish Will Ospreay Would Wrestle In AEW”

Will Ospreay winner of New Japan Cup 2021

Following the crowing of Will Ospreay as IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, legendary announcer Jim Ross has outlined his belief that the London-born star would be a success in AEW.

Ospreay initially won the 2021 New Japan Cup earning the right to challenge Kota Ibushi at NJPW Sakura Genesis.

Towards the end of the gruelling 30-minute match at the event, Ospreay kicked out of Ibushi’s combination of a standing Kamigoye and regular Kamigoye, before taking the champion down with a Chelsea Grin and finally putting him away with the Stormbreaker.

The victory meant that Ospreay became the first British wrestler to win New Japan’s richest prize.

On the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross responded to claims that the win means that Ospreay should now be considered at least one of the best ever. Ross said that while Ospreay is very talented, that doesn’t mean he’s the best ever.

“Everybody is falling in love with Will Ospreay since he won that New Japan title. He’s now the greatest champion in the history of wrestling and no one has ever been better. Are you sh*tting me? Come on. He’s a very good hand. I’ve called some of his matches… he’s very good, he’s very unique. He creates a lot of his own style, with a lot of British stuff, that I like.”

The AEW commentator expanded further, explaining that he’s a fan of the new champions work, before revealing that he’s love to see him in AEW.

“I think Will Ospreay is a great talent. But all of a sudden, he did have a fantastic New Japan experience, here lately. Is he the greatest ever? I don’t know if he’s the greatest New Japan Pro Wrestling champion. It’s hard to say that he’s better than Tanahashi. It’s hard to say that he’s better than Okada or the list of other luminaires who’ve held that title. But I do think he’s very, very good. It might be a little early, a week after his win to consider him the greatest ever. But if he can make it to that level, more power to him. I wish he’d wrestle in AEW, he’d go great here.”

Following his victory, Ospreay would call out Kazuchika Okada, Drew McIntyre and CM Punk. The Aerial Assassin went on to call himself the “best British wrestler of all time.”

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