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Jim Ross – “I Wish CM Punk Was Back In The Business”

CM Punk

CM Punk may not have appeared inside a wrestling ring since January 2014, but his name still looms large, not only in WWE but in the world of professional wrestling as a whole.

When CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, walked away from WWE, it was first thought to be an angle, then nothing serious, then he was never coming back at all. And apart from appearing on WWE Backstage via Fox Sports, he hasn’t done business with the WWE since that January day just over seven years ago.

However, it emerged on April 4th that there had been some contact between the two sides, with Triple H revealing that he spoke to Punk around a year and a half ago. Although Triple H also admitted that if Punk were to return, it would have to be what he wants.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast available via Ad Free Shows, Jim Ross expressed his desire to see Punk return to the wrestling business.

During the podcast episode looking back at WrestleMania 27, JR reflected on Punk’s match with Randy Orton, and revealed that he thinks that CM Punk still has a lot to offer.

“They had a real good match, I’m a big fan of both guys – Randy and Phil Brooks, I just wish Phil Brooks was back in the business, at least on a part-time basis, because I think he has a lot to offer not just as a bell-to-bell performer but as someone who has earnt the respect of his peers and that he can really help those guys, those younger guys who are marks for CM Punk’s work, his attitude, being defiant, and somewhat controversial. […] I don’t know how those two guys can have a bad match, I wish Punk was still in the game, maybe he will be someday, but Randy is at the top of his game right now – there’s nobody in WWE or anywhere else that’s better than Randy Orton – in my view, and I know he’s controversial – he’s controversial in real life – but there’s some magic surrounding that.”

While Punk hasn’t shown any real inclination to return to wrestling, speculation surrounding the for WWE Champion shows no sign of slowing down.

Ahead of AEW Revolution in March of 2021, it was announced that the company would be brining in a “hall of fame worthy” signing. Attention immediately turned to Punk, who took to Twitter to deny that he would be signing with the company.

After leaving WWE, Punk tried his hand at MMA signing with UFC. However, Brooks has lost both of his contests to date. After his second defeat in 2018 it was widely believed that Punk wouldn’t fight again.

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