Jim Ross – “I Think The Relationship Helped IMPACT More Than AEW”

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Legendary announcer Jim Ross has admitted that the working relationship between IMPACT Wrestling and AEW has been more beneficial IMPACT.

Don Callis aligned himself with Kenny Omega at AEW Winter Is Coming helping the star to win the AEW World Championship. This on-screen partnership also signalled the arrival of a working relationship between the two companies. As a result, Omega has performed at IMPACT events, winning the IMPACT World Title from Rich Swann at Rebellion.

Speaking in a new interview with DAZN, Jim Ross was also quick to add that if any partnership helps the wrestling business then everyone wins.

“I think as it relates to Impact, that’s done through the cooperative efforts of nature of Tony Khan. Don Callis is a part of the management team at Impact and the on-camera manager of Kenny Omega. I think I’m going to sound bad saying this, I’m sure. I think this relationship has helped Impact more than it’s helped AEW. But I don’t know that we’re measuring. I don’t know that we’re judging, quite frankly. If it helps the wrestling business, and it makes it more fan-friendly, then we all win. Tony Khan’s philosophy is to do business with everybody that we want that can help our brand. I think that’s kind of the concept, and I don’t think it’s going to end with Impact.”

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to say that he’d love to see his current employers do more with New Japan. Especially as it could lead to Kenny Omega taking on Kazuchika Okada.

“I’d love to see us do more with New Japan. I had my little run there for three years doing New Japan voiceovers with Josh Barnett. I developed a friendship with a lot of those guys, just like I’ve done with this roster. I’m pulling for them. I know how talented a lot of those dudes are. I would like to see a pay-per-view with Okada challenging Kenny Omega for the AEW title. Why not? That’s easy layup booking, but there’s a history there. There’s a backstory. You could lead into this thing for weeks and weeks until the day came for the big event. So things like that excite me.

They got a lot of great talent over there that could match up with some of our guys. Darby (Allin) would be great. (Chris) Jericho had his run there and drew money. He sold tickets. I think there’s a possibility that could happen down the road. I’m not in that circle. I’m not leaking any information that I shouldn’t be talking about out of school. But I just think it makes too much common sense that once these COVID issues have been better addressed globally, I think that could happen. It may not be this year. But I think somewhere down the road. We’re not going away. They’re not going away. So when the time is right, you never know. I think it’d be fun for the fans.”

In recent weeks it has emerged that Don Callis is now longer an executive with IMPACT.

Callis joined IMPACT as Co-Executive Vice President alongside Scott D’Amore in December 2017, later joining the commentary team. However, it has now been reported by Fightful Select that Callis is no longer an executive “in any capacity” with IMPACT and Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

Jim Ross joined AEW in April 2019, and has called AEW Dynamite along with the company’s pay-per-view specials ever since.