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Jim Ross – “I Don’t Think Butch Reed Will Ever Make The Hall Of Fame In WWE”

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AEW commentator Jim Ross has lifted his famous black hat on a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction for the late ‘Natural’ Butch Reed.

A former NWA International Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Natural’ Butch Reed was a fearsome powerhouse between the ropes during his era and one of the most famous heel characters in every territory he visited. Matches against former partner Jim Neidhart and Ric Flair helped to put him on the map before he made the leap to World Wrestling Federation and eventually World Championship Wrestling.

Unfortunatley, Reed passed away on February 5, 2021, due to what was originally considered to be complications from a double heart attack but later attributed to COVID-19 by his family.

Now, Jim Ross has taken to his Grilling JR podcast in order to talk about Reed and the likelihood of him being inducted posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Butch Reed was a great heel. He got the name Hacksaw Butch Reed in Mid South [Wrestling]. I thought the biggest mistake we made in Mid South was when [Junkyard Dog] bolted to go to WWE with no notice, that Butch was our guy to take JYD’s place. Butch was the answer. Butch was the guy we should’ve gone right too.

Butch was a dandy, Hall of Fame level guy. I don’t think he’ll ever make the Hall of Fame in WWE, I doubt it for whatever reason. He would’ve had a better chance of going in if he was still alive. It all affects the T.V. show. So the Hall of Fame is really a television event? It seems like it lost a little lustre in the entertainment side of the WWE Hall of Fame. I’m not bi***ing at the WWE Hall of Fame, it’s just a different positioning, it’s a part of a T.V. show. To have posthumous guests or inductees is not the lay of the land as far as Vince is concerned.”

For a newer generation of professional wrestling fans, Butch Reed will be better known as one half of the tag team Doom in WCW where he partnered Ron Simmons and famously feuded with The Steiner Brothers.

Credit for the interview: Grilling JR Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.