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Jim Ross Shows Off Gruesome Radation Burn Wounds

Jim Ross

AEW’s Jim Ross has updated fans on his radiation recovery after his battle with skin cancer – the picture isn’t for the squeamish, however!

Announcing his battle with skin cancer in October of last year, Jim Ross revealed an insane 22 rounds of radiation would be needed to remove the cancer. This was successful, thankfully, but the intense amount of radiation required has taken its toll on the veteran wrestling announcer’s body.

The WWE Hall of Famer posted a photo to Twitter of his ankle (which comes with a “potentially sensitive content” warning, showing the damage that had been done with the caption:

“Believe it or not my radiation burns are improving even though it doesn’t look like it. My doctor says healing may take a year. Ugh.”

This wasn’t Jim Ross’ first time fighting skin cancer either. He’d previously fought the battle in 2016, tweeting that May that he’d undergone an inpatient skin cancer procedure to remove the cancer, with a follow-up surgery taking place two years later.

‘JR’ has lent his voice to pro wrestling for four and a half decades, first debuting in 1977. He’s since provided commentary for WWE, World Championship Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and currently, for All Elite Wrestling. He’s been signed to AEW since January 2019, having recently signed a contract extension.

Branded one of pro wrestling’s greatest announcers, Jim Ross has won numerous awards for his commentary abilities from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This included winning the award every year from 1988 until 1993, and from 1998 until 2001.