Jim Ross Discusses Vader’s ‘Eye-Popping’ Match With Stan Hansen

Vader and Stan Hansen

Jim Ross has discussed the infamous moment that Vader’s eye popped out during a match against Stan Hansen in Japan in 1990.

Ross was discussing WrestleWar 1991 on his Grilling JR podcast. At this event, there was a rematch between Vader and Hansen which ended in a double disqualification. JR would share his recollections of the eye-popping incident that had occurred four months previously.

Ross recalls:

“Somebody sent me that tape, and I looked it and said ‘Jesus Christ, this is amazing.’ The tape with the eye popping out, that’s what got those guys jobs in WCW.”

“Monster heels don’t grow on trees. And Leon [Vader] before he broke down physically because he was doing too much [was a monster heel]. If he eliminated some of those moonsaults from his 400-pound body he’d probably have lasted a little bit longer. But somewhere along the way, somebody said, ‘that is what makes you special.’ Which is horses**t. That was not what made him special. He was special when he walked through the door.”

Jim Ross was effusive in his praise for Hansen:

“Stan Hansen, I have immense respect for, he’s the real deal…I loved [both] those guys. They brought authenticity and physicality – they made other talents in the locker room pay attention. As far as I was concerned, we didn’t have any heels that were red hot. If these two big b******s can come in, individually and set the place on fire – have at it…Nobody screwed around with them. Leon could be high maintenance at times and Hansen still is one of the best guys I ever met in the wrestling business.”

Current AEW announcer ‘Good Ol’ JR’ discussed a lot during his show, including his thoughts on the booking in WCW in the early 1990s and how, in his opinion, it was often rushed.

Credit: Grilling JR