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Jim Ross Discusses “Personal” Criticism Of ‘WWE Dynamite’ Slip Up

Jim Ross Excalibur Tony Schiavone

Jim Ross has discussed the personal criticism he received online after a slip of the tongue during the end of the final Dynamite of the pandemic era that he referred to as ‘WWE Dynamite.’

The 30th of June edition of AEW Dynamite saw the end of the company’s residency in Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. With the pandemic era of wrestling in the rearview window, the episode of Dynamite ended with a poignant look back over AEW’s time at their Jacksonville home. With the introduction of the TNT Championship, Blood and Guts, the debut of Sting, Matt Hardy, and Brodie Lee, and of course the tragic passing of Lee, the video was a thank you to Jacksonville and those fans that attended the shows in limited numbers when allowed.

As the package ended, the show returned to Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross at the announce desk. While extolling the virtues of coming to see AEW live, Ross mistakenly referred to the flagship show of the company as ‘WWE Dynamite.’ Before another word was uttered, complaints were already being made online about the unfortunate mix-up.

Jim Ross discussed the error and the fallout from it on his Grilling JR podcast. According to JR, mistakes happen but the personal criticism he received was wholly unnecessary.

Jim Ross explained:

“Our fans are loyal and they are terrific. I love the fact that they are outspoken, I got no problem with that. I had plenty of that when I had my WWE faux pas a couple of weeks ago. Some of them were fine, most were fine. Some seem to have the desire to take their animosity or their disappointment or their critiques or whatever you want to call it to a personal level that I don’t think is necessary quite honestly. It got personal, so a lot of the information was incorrect. ‘Oh J.R. has had a stroke.’ I’ve never had a stroke, thank god knock on wood. I have had Bells Palsy 3 times.”

“In the heat of battle man we got no net out there. We’re not doing redos, we don’t have stand-ins. Sometimes you get carried away and oops there it goes. But I am living the dream man I’m living it, and back with these live crowds is the cherry on the sundae. The sauce on the ribs so you say. Nobody wants to give you a break anymore. With a young, defiant demographic that believes that they know what’s best in every topic that they discuss. Maybe they do know what’s best. I’m not saying their opinion is less than mine, I’m just saying that it comes with erroneous information. And it discounts their opinion when they provide data that isn’t true or accurate, like the stroke. ‘Oh, let’s give him a break because he had a stroke.’ Or ‘Let’s give him a break because he lost his wife.’ Do we have to go there? Do we really need to go there? Simple as that. Hell, I made a mistake.”

Ross carried on and alluded to another slight slip of the tongue at AEW Road Rager. While the error didn’t quite cause the online storm the ‘WWE Dynamite’ one did, Ross acknowledged that he still slipped up.

Ross continued:

“I made another one last week with Excalibur. I called him Mark. That’s what I called him all day. Maybe that’s my mistake. I told him at the show and we were laughing about it. I said well this will make a headline or two. He laughed. Let me tell you how I explained this and how I feel about this. It wasn’t right. I let it slip. But the issue is when I first met Excalibur, I didn’t know who he was, I had never seen his work. I knew he came from PWG, that environment. I knew he had a lot of friends that were with us at our startup, which is fine. But to me, he was a talent.”

“Since then he has become my friend. So Excalibur is my working guy, he’s my associate. But Mark is my friend. So I got in friend mode I guess inadvertently, so shame on me. It slipped out there. In any event, you are sitting there with no net buddy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I still have the best job in wrestling. I have 2 great partners in [Tony] Schiavone and Excalibur. So I look forward to going to work every week, it’s a fun gig.”

Credit: Grilling JR

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