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Jim Ross Discusses Controversial Ending To WrestleMania 27

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Jim Ross has discussed the main event of WrestleMania 27 and also his thoughts on if John Cena should have ever turned heel.

The Rock was the host of WrestleMania 27, which emanated from Atlanta, Georgia in 2011. The main event saw The Miz defend the WWE Championship against John Cena. In the build-up to the match, Cena and Rock had engaged in a war of words that somewhat overshadowed the champion’s involvement.

With both Miz and Cena out on the outside of the ring, both men were counted out by the referee. With The Rock – and the fans – not keen to see the WrestleMania main event ended in a count-out. The Rock restarted the match only to nail Cena with a Rock Bottom allowing The Miz to win.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross – who commentated on the match – discussed the three men involved.

Ross stated:

“It was a different finish and you had to give it a little bit of thought on that night. Fans didn’t realise that next year’s WrestleMania had already been booked, the main event part of it.

The following night on Raw Cena challenged The Rock to a match. The Great One suggested they have the biggest match they could by headlining 2012’s WrestleMania 28, which they did.

Jim Ross continued:

“That was a disconnect for [the fans] because they didn’t know where we were headed eventually for that event. It was a different train of thought, it was a different presentation.”

“In general, I’m not against [the finish]. If a babyface closes every WrestleMania with a win – and somebody’s gonna go back and do some research on this, how many heels went over in the main vent of WrestleMania over the years. You might be shocked at the percentage, it can’t be unanimous because we just talked about [a heel winning in the main event].”

JR then discussed the plausibility of John Cena turning into a villain in WWE. Cena had been booed heavily by fans for several years but always remained – in theory – a good guy.

Jim Ross explained:

“All this was, was a setup for the next year’s WrestleMania in Miami, The Rock’s backyard. Cena was getting booed like crazy like he just stole lunch money from children. Which I never did figure out. The thing that’s always been funny to me was that Cena never turned heel. There’s where my brain fart starts, why didn’t we do that? Why was that not done? And I’ve heard ‘John didn’t wanna be a heel,’ I don’t really believe that one. I just think that Vince [McMahon] felt he was such a pristine babyface but if you listened to the audience, there was a long time there when he wasn’t a pristine babyface.”

“[…] The audience more often than not will tell you what they want to buy. They’ll tell you what aisle to go down with your shopping cart and throw things in your cart to take home. You just listen, listen to their reactions. I was always amazed that Cena got booed so much. Cena getting booed so much is a lot like Roman Reigns gettings booed whenever he was just getting rolling and he went away with it. Now there’s a reason to boo Roman Reigns because thanks to Paul Heyman he’s become a significant anti-hero. He’s a heel and he’s a damn good one. But the Cena thing, I never quite understood why we didn’t pull the trigger on that deal. Nonetheless what happened at the end [of the match] was done to create buzz and controversy.”

Jim Ross also talked about Sting and the rumours from the time of ‘The Icon’ making an appearance in WWE.

Credit: Grilling JR

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