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Jim Ross Discusses AEW Revolution – “The Best PPV We’ve Had”

AEW Revolution

Jim Ross has expressed his views on AEW Revolution and says it’s the best pay-per-view event AEW has produced, despite the mishap at the end.

The AEW Revolution main event saw Kenny Omega defend his AEW Championship against Jon Moxley. The two would compete in an exploding barbed wire death match. Throughout the brutal match, explosions would occur whenever one of the men hit the barbed wire surrounding the ropes. The big finale was due to be the ring exploding after a thirty-minute timer had expired. With the match over, Moxley was left lying in the ring helpless as the time wound down. Moxley’s old friend and rival Eddie Kingston covered Moxley to protect him from the blast. And the blast never came. A few small explosions of pyro were all that could be mustered.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, AEW announcer Jim Ross gave his views on the pay-per-view. According to Ross, it was an enjoyable show.

Ross explained:

“I thought the PPV if you exclude the last 30 seconds, where the big explosion was supposed to go, and it bombed. It was a malfunction of the pyro. And the irony of that was that they had – because of all the fire marshalls and the safety precautions and so forth – run through that several times, the explosions. And they worked great, just what we needed. Then when it came showtime, you never know when you’re doing live television, McMahon always said nothing can go wrong when you’re doing live TV.

Well, there’s an exception or two to the rule. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed the PPV itself. If you can exclude from your mind as a viewer. If you can get off that hill of just talking about one issue that was the malfunctioning pyro. I thought it was a pretty good show. When you are working in a ring like Moxley and Omega, with barbed wire around and all the gimmicks, but I thought the show was strong, except for that miss on the pyro at the end. If that 30 seconds at the end is going to be your sole criteria folks, on whether you liked the show or not, you might be over analysing a little bit, because all the matches leading up to that were strong.”

Jim Ross then commented on Moxley and Omega’s frustrations at the end of the night. Particularly after both men put their bodies through so much in the match.

Ross noted:

“They were frustrated because they worked their ass off. Getting pricked with barbed wire from head to toe. All we’re talking about is not their work, not their effort, not what they put their bodies through; the malfunctioning pyro becomes the story, and to me, that pay-per-view is much more than just the pyro, the gimmick at the end, but that’s just me. And I’m biased too, I just have to admit. I work for AEW. Tony Khan takes care of me, I’m happy to be there, but somewhere along the way, we gotta be objective. It was a failure, a pyro failure. I don’t believe it was a wrestling failure whatsoever, not even close. So other than the pyro situation, I thought it was the best PPV we’ve had.”

Jim Ross also shared his opinions on WWE Superstar Andrade asking for his release from WWE. The former head of WWE talent relations says he hopes the Mexican star has plans for his future.

Credit: Grilling JR

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