Jim Ross Discusses Adam Page’s Concussion On AEW Dynamite

Adam Page poses on AEW Dynamite 2022

‘Hangman’ Adam Page was admitted to hospital following the October 18th AEW Dynamite, having suffered a concussion during his AEW World Championship challenge vs. Jon Moxley. The injury came when Moxley executed a Lariat, causing Page’s neck to turn and his body to fall limp upon him falling to the mat.

Thankfully, the popular star has stated that he’s “doing alright“, but it’s unknown when he’ll be fit to go again. Dr. Brian Sutterer, a sports medicine doctor, compared his injury to that of Big E, who suffered a broken neck on WWE SmackDown on March 11th. Though they differ in severity, he says they were similar in impact levels to the head and neck.

“I Love Their Intensity” – Jim Ross On Adam Page and Jon Moxley

Discussing the moment on his Grilling JR podcast, AEW broadcaster Jim Ross was thankful that Adam Page is now out of hospital:

“So they took Hangman Page [away] via ambulance, and then he got thoroughly evaluated in good hands, doctors are ready and it’s all cool. And then he got released because they couldn’t do anything for him. He was in a concussion protocol and you know, Conrad [Thompson, his co-host], I’m not really sure what concussion protocol means. I think it has different meanings for different teams, different leagues maybe, I’m not sure.

But I’m glad that he’s been released, [it] allowed him to go home now to get treatment and medical care with people that he’s familiar with. You can be home every day for a while and that’s not gonna hurt him.”

Continuing, Jim Ross addressed the difficulties the situation placed on the commentary team in that moment:

“You’re doing live television so you got to think on your feet. That’s why they did the elongated on-camera. I think maybe if I could have helped in any area, it might have been that. Navigating that because I’ve done a lot of live stuff that you don’t want to talk about things and, you know, how do you address it and how do you sync up and soundbite it and all that good stuff? So I thought that was good. I thought they had a hell of a main event rolling until the unfortunate accident towards the end.”

It’s currently unknown how long Adam Page will be absent from AEW programming. Jon Moxley, meanwhile, will now defend the AEW World Championship against MJF at Full Gear on November 19th.

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