Jim Ross Compares Wardlow To Two Former World Champions


Jim Ross has extolled the virtues of AEW and The Pinnacle’s ‘War dog’ Wardlow, comparing him to two former multiple-time world champions.

Ross was speaking to DAZN ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing that takes place on May 30th at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. The former Head of Talent Relations at WWE was asked which AEW talents have stuck out the most to him. Ross named a few but there is one man in particular JR has high hopes for.

Ross explained:

“Wardlow is going to be a huge star. Trust me on that. He’s the kind of guy that McMahon would covet. He’s the kind of guy that McMahon would do anything to change Wardlow’s mind about his place of employment. I love this kid. (He’s) big, pleasant, polite, intelligent, never had any issues with any of those guys in the locker room.”

Wardlow came to AEW making his debut in November 2019 at the side of MJF. Since then he has acted as Friedman’s hired muscle and took a place in Inner Circle before MJF unveiled his very own group – The Pinnacle. Wardlow took part in AEW’s inaugural Blood and Guts match, running roughshod over Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle for much of his time in the cage.

According to Jim Ross, Wardlow reminds him of a few former superstars of world championship calibre:

“Physique wise, he reminds me of Lex Luger. I think he’s going to end up being a much better worker. That’s not knocking Lex. He’s a little like Dave Batista. He’s still evolving. Batista got getting better and better as he got older. He was never going to be confused with Kurt Angle or Dory Funk Jr. This kid’s got it. He has the “IT” factor. We can’t manufacture the “IT” factor. You can’t anoint them with the “IT” factor. You have “IT” or don’t have “IT”. This kid’s got “IT”.”

“(He’s got) a big frame that promoters covet. Wrestling fans love an athletic big man. He’s an athletic big man. He’s the kind of guy that you’re talking about on a football team. He could play on the interior if you want him to. He could also rush the passer from the edge, he could move. I love that about him. He may be the breakout star that we have in our company. It may happen this year. That wouldn’t shock me. I think sometime in the next year, in 2022, he’s going to be “The Guy.” He’s improving. If he stays healthy, doesn’t get sidetracked with relationships, injuries, or silly mistakes, and I don’t foresee that ever happening with this kid. He’s very grounded, very smart, and you can communicate with him.”

Wardlow will take his place alongside Pinnacle teammates MJF, Shawn Spears, and FTR when they do battle with Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede match at Double Or Nothing. Should The Pinnacle be victorious, Inner Circle will be forced to disband.

AEW Double Or Nothing airs live on Sunday, May 30th on pay-per-view and FITE TV.