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Jim Ross Comments On Andrade Not Being Granted His WWE Release

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Following reports that former NXT Champion Andrade has asked for his release from WWE, the wrestling rumour mill went into overdrive.

The internet ran wild speculating about Andrade’s future, while it was subsequently revealed that his request had been denied.

Following the reports, the man himself later took to Twitter to confirm that he had asked for his release, and thanking fans for their support.

Speaking on the most recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, the veteran announcer was asked for his thoughts on the news, commenting that WWE refusing to accept his request shows that they are “keenly aware” of AEW.

“To me it says WWE is keenly aware of AEW,” Ross said. “We’re not that ‘piss ant’ company that Triple H said we were going to be at the beginning. If I were [Andrade], I hope he’s thought it out. Right now, the most significant thing in his timeline is he’s dating and living with Charlotte. That’s his claim to fame. He is a good worker don’t get me wrong, he looks great but right now he hasn’t distinguished himself. He’s another guy, a very talented other guy. Would I like to work with him someday? Why not.”

The WWE Hall of Famer went on to add that it doesn’t matter if he sits at home for the remainder of his contract, because WWE would rather do that, than let him join another company.

“I’m not surprised that WWE refused it because that allows them not to make him happy or another company. They don’t give a s–t if he sits at home till the contracts over. If you’re going to dig yourself in a hole, get ready to step in it. You think he endeared himself to the decision makers [in WWE]? I don’t.”

Elsewhere in the ‘Ask JR Anything’ episode of the podcast, Ross also noted that “Nobody was harder to deal with than the Ultimate Warrior” during his time in WWE.

Following on from the news that Andrade would be staying with WWE, at least in the immediate future, the Mexican star was reportedly not present at the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.