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Jim Ross Clarifies Recent Comments On Jake Roberts’ Health

Jim Ross Jake Roberts

Jim Ross clarified his concerning remarks about Jake Roberts’ health after Roberts responded on social media.

Earlier this month, Jim Ross said that the reason Jake “The Snake” Roberts isn’t seen very often on AEW television is that the WWE Hall of Famer is in ill-health, dealing with breathing issues that require oxygen.

However, Roberts himself took to social media and said that claims about his health were overblown, and that he’ll be around for a long time.

“Hey guys once again someone wants to make a splash on the internet and what better way is there than putting out Jake Roberts is in bad health. Totally untrue. I’m going to be around a long time.”

On the most recent episode of Grilling JR (available via AdFreeShows), Jim Ross clarified his comments and said that no one knows Jake Roberts’ situation better than the man himself. He also makes sure to let people know that they shouldn’t avoid booking Roberts due to health concerns.

“I said some stuff about Jake’s health and his breathing issues and he denies as sickly as I portrayed him to be. Maybe he’s right, he’d know better than me. But I know that his health has been challenging, he’s got a breathing machine, oxygen he carries with him and to me, that’s not normal but he’s dealing with it. He’s under great doctor’s care and I didn’t want to start some bullsh*t about Jake because it might affect his bookings.

“‘I was going to sign Jake for an appearance but I heard JR say he wasn’t in good health so maybe I’ll pass on that,’ don’t pass on Jake Roberts for doing anything. Put him to work, that’s going to be the best medicine you can give the guy and you’ll be happy you did. I don’t intend, nor do I now, to stir the s–t, but it was just an update on a guy that I respect who’s changed his life a great deal and I can only hope that he continues to change in a positive way and reap the benefits.”

Back in February, Jake Roberts discussed his breathing problems and his use of an oxygen tank. Roberts says that he’s genetically predisposed to difficulty breathing and lung disease, which hasn’t been helped by a lifetime of smoking cigarettes. However, he said that his condition has improved significantly and that he rarely needs to use oxygen anymore.

h/t WrestlingInc