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Jim Ross Breaks Silence On “Moving” AEW Dynamite Return

Jim Ross returns to AEW Dynamite

Jim Ross has opened up about his battle with cancer and recent return to the AEW Dynamite announce desk.

On October 23rd legendary announcer Jim Ross revealed that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer. While he initially continued to call the action on Dynamite, he eventually stepped away from his position to undergo radiation therapy.

However, Ross announced on December 29th that he was cancer free, and confirmed that he would be back in the thick of the action at New Year’s Smash that night. Although it’s customary for the announcers to make their entrance just before the TV show goes on the air, this episode of Dynamite broke tradition. As the show went live, JR was introduced to the crowd who gave him a thunderous ovation before he settled into position.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, available via AdFreeShows, Ross said that he was moved by the reception, explaining that he appreciated Tony Khan making the highly emotional moment possible.

“It was moving honestly,” Ross said. “I’m glad that it didn’t last any longer than it did because the more I thought about the journey and all the people that have been with me along the journey, including little Jan, you start saying ‘Okay, it’s time to tap out. Sit your fat ass down, don’t start crying like a baby.’ Because that’s what was going to happen. I’m glad it was short, Tony Khan could’ve put that anywhere or nowhere. What we normally do on our shows, at 7:55, the announcers are introduced.

To see people get out of their seats [was awesome]. That was the biggest Dynamite at Daley’s Place, we’ve had pay per views there that may have topped those numbers but man, it was so memorable in my career. Tony could’ve put me at that 7:55 mark and nobody at home would’ve seen it. He decided to make Good Ol’ JR’s return a part of the creative for that night and it just so happened to start at the very top. I appreciate his consideration and thoughtfulness.”

During the episode Jim Ross also touched on his recovery, revealing that although he is healing up, he’s still in pain.

“My wound is healing slowly but it’s healing,” Ross said. “God damn, it hurts, I’m telling you. When I shower real good and use a loofah gently on this wound, it looks like something from outer space. It’s just bright red which means it’s burnt to hell. The only thing I can do is I have some cream on it and we bandage it up for TV.

Sitting around my place in Jacksonville now, I don’t wear the bandage, I just keep the medicine on it and take the occasional pain pill which I don’t like taking. It makes me worthless as s–t but everything is good, it’s healing. I’ve got 30 more days of this aggravation and I’m going to see the doctor next week to see how it’s healing.”

Jim Ross signed with AEW in April 2019 bringing to an end his lengthy association with WWE. Since then Ross has been a fixture at the AEW announce desk, calling the action on Dynamite and pay-per-views.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.