Jim Ross Blasts AEW Star’s Recent Actions – “That’s Too Far”

Jim Ross

At AEW Revolution, MJF retained his AEW World Championship in a grueling Ironman Match with Bryan Danielson.

Many have hailed the match as the best in-ring performance of MJF’s career to date, as he went toe-to-toe with a man regarded as one of the best wrestlers on the planet. However, the star had already grabbed the headlines for a totally different reason before he even made it to the ring.

While making his entrance MJF grabbed a drink from a woman in the crowd and threw it over her son. The incident seemingly didn’t go down well with the child or his mother, although he was later pictured backstage meeting Powerhouse Hobbs.

Speaking on his podcast, Grilling JR, legendary announcer Jim Ross gave his take on the controversy. The WWE Hall of Famer said while MJF is drawing the kind of heat that any heel would dream of, he crossed the line by throwing the drink over the child.

“I think he just, it was, it was just a reaction. I think it was instinctual. Max fancies himself, as he should, by the way, as a heel. Cornette would say I’m a heel goddamnit. So I just think he took it too far, you don’t do that. And I think he understands that now. And he had an emotional reaction. And he got it. He’s surrounded by people that don’t like him. And he’s you know, there’s a lot of tension and pressure in that situation that you put yourself in.

But you know, you don’t want to have it any other way if you’re a heel. But by throwing that beverage in that kid’s face, too far, too far, shouldn’t have done it. And he just reacted, we reacted, and he reacted in a negative way, he made the wrong choice. But to me it didn’t take away from the match you know, after the fact it becomes more of an issue because like right now you and I are talking about it. But no, I think it was just it’s a natural heel reaction that got the best of Max.”

Jim Ross Isn’t Alone In Being Critical Of MJF

In reflecting on the show, fellow AEW talent and WWE legend Jake Roberts also took the World Champion to task over his actions. Roberts said that the star has a “problem with going too far,” saying that he needs to make sure he stays in control.

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