Jim Ross Believes That Chyna Deserves Solo Hall Of Fame Induction

Chyna Thumb

AEW commentator, Jim Ross, has advocated Chyna for a solo WWE Hall of Fame induction in the very near future.

Chyna, already a Hall of Famer when she was inducted along with D-Generation X in 2019, was a trailblazer for women in professional wrestling with her unique look and size. From the first time we saw emerge from the crowd to choke out Marlena to her final appearance on a WWF screen as Women’s Champion, she inspired countless women to lace-up their boots and follow their dreams.

As a valued member of DX during the Attitude Era, to her dalliance with Eddie Guerrero and Billy Gunn in 2000, all the way to cementing what had been a sparse and laughable women’s division during her final months in the company, Chyna was always front and centre of the company’s television output during her time inside the ring and one of the overriding memories of an era looked back on with fondness.

However, thanks to the circumstances surrounding her death and the star’s chosen career path in adult movies after her time in the business had come to an end, WWE were always hesitant to mention the star on television or induct her into their hallowed halls prior to DX’s entrance when she could be ignored no longer.

Now, Jim Ross has joined his Grilling JR Podcast to talk about the star and whether or not in his opinion she deserves a solo induction:

“I think she deserves it, I hope so. If I had a vote, I’d say yes. It’s the same basic concept to why Chris Benoit won’t be in the Hall of Fame because the last 48 hours of his life were tragic, I’m talking about the porn. She should’ve been in the Hall of Fame yesterday, last year, whenever. Look at the list of Hall of Famers and what they’ve accomplished. A lot of them were really good, some of them not so much, some were political inductees. She certainly should be in the Hall of Fame by herself without question.

If nothing else, for being the trailblazer for women who she preceded. All I’m saying is, you can’t use the ‘Go back and Google someone’s name,’ and they had some negative verbiage on their Wikipedia page. How did she do in the wrestling business?”

Jim Ross is correct of course. What someone does or has done outside the ring should rarely impact on their career inside it, though that does depend on the nature of their actions.

Whether you know her as ‘The Ninth Wonder of the World’, ‘Mamacita’ or the bodyguard for one of wrestling’s most popular factions, few could argue that Chyna deserves her solo spot in the WWE Hall of Fame alongside the true greats of this wonderful industry.

Credit for the interview: Grilling JR Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.