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Jim Ross – “Andrade Is A Very Talented Guy”


Jim Ross has followed up on earlier comments he made about Andrade by praising the Mexican star and says that the former WWE competitor has great talent.

WWE Hall Of Famer Ross was speaking on his Grilling JR podcast. In a previous episode, JR addressed what were only rumours at the time of Andrade asking for his release from WWE.

Previously Ross stated:

“If I were him I hope he’s thought it out. Right now the most significant thing in his career is he’s dating and living with Charlotte, that’s his claim to fame.”

“He is a good worker, don’t get me wrong, he looks great. But right now he hasn’t distinguished himself, he’s another guy. A very talented other guy, that’s just [my opinion] now.”

Addressing some feedback from supporters of Andrade, Jim Ross elaborated on his thoughts on the former La Sombra:

“I got some feedback this week, not a lot but some feedback from fans of Andrade because they felt like I had dissed him.”

“He’s a great hand, he’s a talented guy but all I said was if you’re going to give your notice – I hope he thought it through. I don’t know how long his contract lasts. Normally when you go public on asking for a release it doesn’t sit well [with WWE]. Those are things that you keep to yourself and management.”

Ross then continued, noting that he thought Andrade was talented at what he does:

“I never inferred that he was not a very talented guy. He is a very talented guy. He’s not being used.”

“I meant no disrespect to him whatsoever. I guess some of his fans took it in that light. You know, I didn’t say he’s the greatest wrestler of all time.”

Andrade was granted his release from WWE after reportingly requesting it. Fellow and former WWE Superstars then took to social media to share their thoughts on working with Andrade.

Credit: Grilling JR

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