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Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler Reunite in Jacksonville

JR and King

Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawyer reunited this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida as part of Lawler’s birthday celebrations.

Lawler visited Jacksonville this weekend as a guest of Jim Ross, with the pair attending an NFL game. Sporting a pair of orange Zubaz, Lawler shared a photo on Twitter of the legendary commentary duo, stating:

“In Jacksonville as a guest of @JRsBBQ for the @Browns vs @Jaguars game! We never could agree on anything!!!”

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler became a legendary commentary team during the Attitude Era, becoming the voices behind many countless classic moments. Through Ross’ captivating play by play commentary combined with Lawler’s quick wit and humour, the team have become widely regarded as one of the greatest commentary duo’s of all time, alongside Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

‘Good ol’ JR’ and ‘The King’ would provide commentary together on and off for over a decade, before Jim Ross was controversially traded from Raw to Smackdown during the 2008 Draft. Both men received WWE’s highest honour in 2007, when they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Speaking with WWE.com in 2012, Jim Ross reflected on the legacy of the team, and the key role they played during the Attitude Era and Monday Night War:

“I will egotistically say that our commentary played some role in WWE coming out on top of the Monday Night War. I get that ‘The play’s the thing,’ as Shakespeare said, but try watching some of those spirited Monday night broadcasts with the sound on mute. I’ll stop now before I break my arm patting myself and “The King” on the back.”

Lawler, who celebrated his 71st birthday this weekend continues to make sporadic appearances with WWE, whilst Jim Ross is part of AEW’s commentary team, alongside Exalibur and former WCW commentary partner, Tony Schiavone. However, Ross and Lawler continue to make occasional appearances together, including a 2019 interview with Inside The Ropes.

Inside The Ropes wishes Jerry Lawler a very happy birthday.


Credit for Jim Ross interview: WWE.com