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Jim Ross Admits That He Didn’t Watch “One Frame” Of WrestleMania 37

Jim Ross

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast, Grilling JR, Jim Ross has revealed that he didn’t watch “one frame of video” from WrestleMania 37.

The legendary announcer, who spent a vast portion of his career in WWE followed up by saying that he no longer watches much WWE content.

Ross, who’s synonymous with some of the most famous moments in WrestleMania history, commented that he hoped everyone involved made a lot of money.

“I just wanna say, what happened recently? WrestleMania. I hope they did great., and I hope they made a lot of money and the talents had the time of their life but I did not watch one frame of video. I don’t know if I missed anything, but I guess. I don’t consume as much wrestling as maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t even say that for our constituency. […] I don’t watch a lot of WWE wrestling, but I do watch some if I’m available.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Jim Ross commented on the recent success of Will Ospreay in Japan. JR explained that while it’s too early to call Ospreay the best ever, he wishes that he would wrestle in AEW.

“I think Will Ospreay is a great talent. But all of a sudden, he did have a fantastic New Japan experience, here lately. Is he the greatest ever? I don’t know if he’s the greatest New Japan Pro Wrestling champion. It’s hard to say that he’s better than Tanahashi. It’s hard to say that he’s better than Okada or the list of other luminaires who’ve held that title. But I do think he’s very, very good. It might be a little early, a week after his win to consider him the greatest ever. But if he can make it to that level, more power to him. I wish he’d wrestle in AEW, he’d go great here.”

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