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Jim Korderas Recalls Heat Between Andre The Giant And Ultimate Warrior

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Jim Korderas has recalled being the third man in the ring when Andre The Giant decided he was going to play a rib on Ultimate Warrior during a Cage Match.

During their time together in the WWE in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, Andre The Giant and the Ultimate Warrior didn’t always get a along. Appearing on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, former referee Jim Korderas discussed being in the ring during a couple of the more difficult moments between the pair.

Korderas recalled one incident in particular where Andre decided he wanted to teach Warrior a lesson.

“The one that makes me laugh the most is that they used to do a spot where Warrior would hit the ropes and Clothesline Andre. And he hit him on the third one, Andre would tie himself up in the third and second rope. But Andre told him one time, because you couldn’t hurt him, but he said “listen, you don’t have to hit me that hard, I will sell for you.”

So here they go. First one comes in and you see Andre teeter, second one, Andre teeters, third one, Andre puts that fist up and Warrior runs right into it. Bam! Goes down. He say’s ‘hit me with another Clothesline.’ So he does and ties himself up and looks over at Bobby Heenan and goes ‘he’s learning.’ [laughs]”

The former WWE official also described a Cage Match between the pair where Andre used his legendary farts to play a rib on Warrior.

“In the Cage Match, like I said, they had their issues. There was a spot where Warrior’s seated in the corner and he would kinda sit on him, kinda like Rikishi would back in the day. He’d do the seated thing and kinda rub his butt on him a little bit and stuff like that.

I don’t know what Andre was eating or drinking that day but it was right by the door, so I’m manning the door of the cage, and he’s dropping some bombs. While he’s sitting on Warrior. And I can see Warrior’s face turning shades of green and purple and blue. And I’m going ‘Oh my God!’ I’m trying to see if people are noticing this. And Andre’s laughing, and you can hear Warrior, ‘You’re killing me! You’re killing me!'”

Gerald Brisco recalled his own memories of seeing the two not being on the same page in the ring, including a match where Andre beat on Warrior for 30 seconds before letting him pick up the win.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Korderas recalled the infamous match, turned shoot fight between the APA and Public Enemy in 1999.

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