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Jim Johnston Talks Not Being In WWE Hall Of Fame

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Former WWE composer, Jim Johnston, has spoken out about his thirty two years with the company and his thoughts about not being a member of the company’s Hall of Fame.

For over three decades, Johnston was a staple of WWF/WWE and provided ninety-nine percent of themes be they entrance or otherwise. Anything that wasn’t taken from an artist’s album came from the mind of Johnston.

Among legends such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, Jim Johnston was one of the promotion’s longest tenured employees.

Now, the talent has spoken to Kiwi Talkz about not being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame which, according to Ric Flair, is getting its own physical building. When asked if the company had ever reached out with an offer of an induction, Johnston’s answer was emphatic:

“No. From my perspective, it’s one of those weird things where you’re of very differing, conflicting views on something. On a practical level and getting outside myself, it’s bizarre that I haven’t been asked. I have to ask, ‘Exactly, what do you have to accomplish to get in?’

But at the same time, I’ve got the emotional part which is, wait a second, where are we? You decided to boot my ass out the door and now you’re saying you want me in the Hall of Fame? So, make up your mind.”

While Johnston may turn down an offer of an induction should one come his way, none could argue that there are few more worthy to sit within the hallowed halls than the man responsible for the iconic tunes we grew up loving and singing along to.

Should Jim Johnston not be honoured with a full induction, then he’s more than worthy of the Warrior Award which was originally created to honour those who had made an exceptional contribution to the company behind the scenes, but in recent years has been used for anything but.

Jim Johnston was released from WWE in 2017 after the company made the transition to CFO$. Though he was gone, Johnston was not forgotten and neither will his iconic music be. Some music endures the test of time and anything that has his name attached will always be legendary to those who know.

Credit for the interview: Kiwi Talkz

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.