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Jim Johnston Says WWE Music Is “So Bad” He Wants To “Slap Vince Upside The Head”

Vince McMahon

Legendary wrestling music composer Jim Johnston has opened up about the change in WWE entrance themes, saying the music is “so bad” he wants to “slap Vince McMahon upside the head.”

In an interview with Lucha Libre Online, the most famous WWE musician, who left the company in 2017 after 32 years of employment, has given his analysis of why he thinks WWE’s current music doesn’t connect with characters or storylines.

“While I told you before this interview that I don’t do trash talking, but the closest I’ll get to being critical, is that, absolutely, I want to slap Vince upside the head. The music is so bad! These days it’s just sound effects and noises and stuff. It doesn’t have anything to do with the characters and the storylines anymore. That’s the essence of this business… And that’s currently lost. I don’t get it.”

Johnston would say he has mixed feelings about the music, as it makes him feel confident in his own legacy while stirring up empathy for the talents involved.

“I hate to say this, but there’s a certain satisfaction that the music (in WWE) now is so bad. Because it makes me feel better about what I did contribute. It does make me feel bad for a bunch of the wrestlers, because without good music you can’t become a big star. I don’t believe it’s possible. The music is just like a score in a movie, it’s what leads the fans’ emotions. It’s a very visceral, very deeply emotional connection. That’s always what I went for, now that’s what’s missing.”

While Jim Johnston no longer works with WWE, his legacy lives on through the iconic themes of the likes of The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mr McMahon and many others, having been the primary producer for over three decades.