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Jim Johnston Discusses Possibility Of Entering WWE Hall Of Fame

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The man behind many of WWE’s most iconic entrance themes, Jim Johnston, has opened up about the likelihood of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Johnston said he believes the time for WWE to induct him has probably passed. If the opportunity did come along the legendary composer, while viewing it as an honour, is unsure whether he would accept it as it would be “uncomfortable”.

“I think if they haven’t already they’re not going to. It’s one of those pesky things where you don’t want to be petty about it. But it’s like you guys did fire me, but you want me to come back and put me over by doing the Hall of Fame. Would it be an honour? sure. But at the same time, it would be uncomfortable. There are people there that I don’t want to see and don’t want to shake their hand. But it’s not a big aspect of my life now.”

Jim Johnston worked for WWE for 32 years, and during that time created the soundtracks for their Superstars, TV shows, and videogames, as well as providing the score for several WWE Studios movies. To the surprise of many, he was released from his contract in November 2017, with CFO$ taking over lead composing duties.

Johnston has not worked in the wrestling industry since his release, and elsewhere in the conversation with Chris Van Vliet, he expressed his surprise that AEW did not reach out to him after announcing the formation of the promotion.

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