Jim Johnston Approaches AEW Regarding Production Of New Themes

Jim Johnston Thumb

Jim Johnston has offered his musical services to AEW.

Johnston has provided the soundtrack to many WWE fans lives by composing some of the most iconic entrance themes in sports entertainment. The Rock, The Undertaker and Bret Hart are just some of the legendary names that walked to the ring each night with to one of Johnston’s tracks.

With Def Rebel currently providing music for the WWE Superstars of today, fans have often wondered if Jim Johnston would ever create entrance music for the stars of All Elite Wrestling.

Jim Johnston Would Be Happy To Write Themes For AEW Stars

Speaking with Conrad Thompson on the Conversations With Conrad podcast, Johnston has revealed that he did contact AEW regarding the possible venture, but nothing was followed up on:

“I actually approached AEW at one point to write some themes for them with no interest. The way I approached, it’s very possible that the people in charge never got that memo. I’d be happy to write themes for them. I’d be happy to write themes for WWE, but I would never want to get as immersed as I was.

In the same conversation, the former WWE music producer expressed his disappointment of the entrance themes of today’s top stars:

It’s almost a frustration for me, the few times I’m going through these cable stations and I land on one of these programs and I’m shaking my head. What does this music have to do with anything? We’ve gone from a time when you could be cooking in the kitchen and the TV is two rooms away and you could tell who is coming out to the ring. Now, it’s noise to me. How did that transition happen to where it seems to just get done to the pure noisy spectacle of it all and we’ve lost that magic of all about character and storyline?”

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcription.