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Jim Cornette’s Lawyer Sends Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss Cease And Desist

Joey Janela makes his entrance.

In a story from the left-est of left field, Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss received a cease and desist from Jim Cornette’s lawyer this week, after planning to name their tag team The New New Midnight Express.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer (subscription required) the move adds to the well documented existing list of issues between Janela and Cornette.

After getting wind of the plans, Cornette’s lawyer Steven P. New sent the cease and desist to AEW‘s head of legal, Megha Pareekh to stop the team using the name. It should be noted that Cornette, Dennis Condrey, Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton attempted to trademark the name as recently as August.

However, that wasn’t quite the end of the matter. On the 23rd September episode of Dynamite, Joey Janela managed to sneak in one more little dig at his Twitter foe, and during his match with Sonny Kiss against the newly signed Miro and Kip Sabian, he managed to get in that the pair were “on the express to victory.”

For his part, Janela has since claimed that the whole thing was a rib, purely to get Cornette mad. What’s for sure is that the issues between the two show no sign of being resolved any time soon.