Jim Cornette Criticises WWE Star For Having ‘The Personality Of A Cabbage’

Jim Cornette on the mic

Jim Cornette has slammed The Judgement Day’s Finn Balor for having the “personality of a cabbage”, deeming him a weak replacement for Edge.

The legendary wrestling manager has discussed WWE’s Judgement Day stable, explaining how Finn Balor and Damian Priest are in “need” of Rhea Ripley for one rather strange reason.

Speaking on his podcast – The Jim Cornette Experience – the former Midnight Express manager discussed WWE’s latest attempt at a somewhat supernatural group with co-host Brian Last, going in deep, in particular, on Finn Balor:

“What about The Judgment Day? Remember when we liked The Judgment Day? [Brian – Now who’s in it? Who’s currently in it?] Well, originally it was Edge who enticed Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley to shed the bonds and shackles that had been of matrimony, the bonds and shackles of oppression that had been putting them down, and join up with his revolutionary group, and that was f*cking great. And I loved it.

And then they turned on Edge and put Finn Balor in the group. Now they’ve traded a Hall of Famer and a legend and an outstanding promo for a guy that’s great, technically and very small, and has the personality of [a] cabbage. And then Rhea Ripley’s injured or sick or both, apparently.”

Finn Balor was revealed as the new leader of The Judgement Day on Monday Night Raw’s 6 June broadcast, leading Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley to turn on Edge. This marked Balor’s first heel turn on the main roster, having returned to the SmackDown brand last summer.

The Judgement Day has been feuding with Rey and Dominik Mysterio as of late, with tonight’s (25 July) edition of Raw slated to see Balor and Priest facing The Mysterios. Dominik Mysterio is heavily rumoured to be turning heel at the Madison Square Garden event; Edge is also expected to return for the first time since being booted out of the group.

Jim Cornette also slammed Finn Balor for sounding like a “f*cking Irish Opie Taylor”, stating this as the reason for why Damian Priest has been doing the talking for the trio as of late.

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