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Jim Cornette On Who Should Become WWE Head Of Talent Relations

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Despite Bruch Prichard’s recent appointment, Jim Cornette believes WWE’s Head of Talent Relations position should undergo another change in favour of Jeff Jarrett.

PWInsider reported on Monday evening that an internal WWE memo stated that Bruce Prichard would be WWE’s interim Head of Talent Relations while John Laurinaitis is on “administrative leave”. This came in the midst of the WWE Board of Directors’ investigation surrounding Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon’s alleged misconduct.

Although the former Brother Love has only just been placed in the role, Jim Cornette believes that Jeff Jarrett should be in line for it instead. The legendary manager discussed the matter on a recent special edition podcast, stating that Jarrett could put anyone out of a job:

“If anybody ever found out that Jeff [Jarrett] would do a much better job than anybody else currently in that building, then all those other people currently in that building wouldn’t have a job, and they can’t have that. But yes, he kept that band of merry misfits in TNA often under control, and this is a whole lot more polite generation.

And that would have been something that would have given the talent some kind of hope that it won’t be the same old bullsh*t. It might be somebody else’s bullsh*t but at least it’s one of the boys instead of the same old BS from people who’ve never done what we’re doing.”

Jeff Jarrett was rehired by WWE just a matter of weeks ago, currently in the role of Senior Vice President of Live Events. He’d been a producer and member of the creative team for a little over two years prior to his quiet exit from the company in April 2021.

John Laurinaitis hasn’t been on the road with WWE since his name was unearthed in the misconduct allegations surrounding Vince McMahon. He’d been in the role of Head of Talent Relations following the departure of Mark Carrano in April 2021.

Although the Wall Street Journal initially reported on the investigation surrounding Vince McMahon, the former Johnny Ace became involved when it was alleged that the female paralegal hired by McMahon was “passed like a toy” to Laurinaitis.

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